Making a Home Yours

Easy Ways to Make Your House a Home

By SaleCore for MiamiRE

Whether you’ve just moved in, or have been in your house for a while, you should feel welcomed the moment you step through the door. While that feeling doesn’t always come naturally, there are many ways to create that cozy, warm sensation without spending a lot of money. You’d be amazed at the resources you already have, so put them to good use and make your home a place that makes you happy. No matter the size or style, incorporating your personal flair and belongings is what’s going to make your house a home.

The outside and inside of an elegant entryway side by side

Create an Inviting Entryway

Nothing makes a house a home more than welcoming your friends and family for a visit. Make the front entrance more inviting by keeping it clear of leaves and debris, placing outdoor furniture and lush plants on your porch, and accessorizing with a welcome mat before they walk in the front door. Painting the front door, with a color that aligns with your style, can give your house a fresh, new look. Once inside, adding a small table, bench or a coat rack will also help keep your entryway tidy, making a great first impression.

Simplify the Clutter

Making your house a home begins with that feeling of instant peace when you enter a room. If you find it difficult to relax, perhaps the sight of a cluttered and disorganized room is causing you anxiety. Random décor items that fill up empty spaces can make an area feel cramped and add too many contrasts between your wall colors or furnishings. Identify the key areas that are creating stress and let go of items that don’t bring you joy. It will make life in your home more pleasant.

A classic style window seat with intricate pillows, books and a coffee serving tray

Rearrange the Furniture

Nothing is as simple as rearranging your furniture. You’ll be amazed at how different your space looks by simply moving a couch, a table, dresser or bed. Your space may even feel a bit larger, and it will certainly feel fresher and newer.

Make it Functional

Be grateful for where you are, appreciating what makes your home unique. Don't wish for what you don't have, but rather make the most of what you do have. Small spaces can be cleverly reimagined, old furniture can be repurposed, and a mix of both old and new items in your décor is revitalizing. Dedicate a space in your home, such as a nook or bonus room, for your hobbies (reading, painting, sewing, etc.). This will not only make it easier to do what you love, but it allows your personality and interests to shine throughout your home.

A couch with a colorful pillows behind a modern coffee table

Freshen Up Your Home with Color

Incorporate fresh colors or patterns to add pizazz and depth to your rooms, perhaps something you’ve been afraid to try. Painting your walls can give your space an instant facelift and is a great way to customize your home to make it your own. If you’re not ready to take on an entire painting project, pick smaller areas such as a bedroom or bathroom, accent walls, a ceiling or even the inside of your closets or bookcases. Give old furniture a facelift with a coat of paint and add bold furnishings, such as cushions, vases or colorful candles.

Add Warmth

It is true, expensive furniture and a spotless home are appealing, but it doesn’t add warmth. Your informal living areas should be places where everyone feels comfortable, like they can kick up their feet on the furniture and have everything at hand.

A warmly decorated family room with nice lighting and textures
  • A house filled with inviting smells can instantly make a house feel like home. Choose the scents you love in the form of candles, diffusers, etc. For more natural smelling scents, you can opt for essential oils, such as lavender or jasmine, which comes with the benefits of being a natural stress reliever.
  • Fill your most-occupied spaces with plush blankets, pillows, and comfortable furniture the entire family can use. Put down an area rug to instantly warm the space, anchor the furniture, add interest, and make it more inviting.
  • Window coverings are great accent pieces and replacing them can switch up a room’s look and add warmth in one easy step. Not only do curtains or shades improve your home’s appearance, but they can also decorate blank walls, separate a room into sections, or even create fun little reading nooks in a child’s bedroom or playroom.
  • The right bedding can instantly make your room look decorated and homey. If your room has a bold paint color, using neutral-colored bedding can add texture while also creating depth and interest. Alternatively, if your room has a neutral color palette, you can experiment with different colors or patterns in your bedding. When creating the ultimate comfy bedroom, don’t forget that soft throws and fluffy pillows can instantly add that cozy touch.
  • Oversized mirrors will open up your space and enhance the room’s natural lighting. They can simply lean against a wall or rest on a mantel for a simple and perfect touch.
  • Lighting also plays a significant role in affecting a room’s mood and is an essential design element when making a house feel like a home. If your house feels dark and cramped, switch up your lighting by layering light sources to make it feel more warm and welcoming. While brighter lights are needed to illuminate kitchens and workspaces, opt for more ambient light sources that use mellow and warm lighting in living rooms or bedrooms. Wall sconces and table or floor lamps cast a warm, cozy glow on any room.
A small table with drawers next to an indoor plant and mid-century chair

Dress Empty Walls and Spaces

Blank walls and empty spaces are unfinished elements that will prevent a feeling of warmth in your house. Displaying your favorite elements pull a space together to make a house a home. When selecting your pieces, keep the room’s function, size, and décor style in mind, as well as the need to avoid clutter.

  • When choosing décor, artwork or pictures, pick items that have special meaning to you. Frame anything that appeals, such as your kids’ artwork or memorabilia from your travels. Purchase inexpensive box frames allowing you to create an ever-changing display, whatever the mood may be. Photos are a perfect way to personalize your space; print them regularly and display your favorites. Fill your home with personal mementos, your favorite books, a treasured card or journal.
  • If you’re planning on including antiques or other precious items as décor, consider purchasing shadow boxes or display cases for them. Cases will protect them from harm and prevent dust or grime from settling on the fragile objects. Whether you’re an avid collector or simply have lovely and unique items, it makes no sense to keep them tucked away behind closed cabinets or in drawers.
  • A stack of well-loved paperbacks or a decorative coffee table book is a great way to bring personal touches into your home. Books are an easy and budget-friendly way to embellish your décor and can be used as statement accessories to pull a space together. The sight of a filled bookshelf can instantly give a room a homey feel. You can also choose books with decorative covers or colorful spines to brighten up your décor.
A modern kitchen with a basket of lemons on a light sleek countertop

Incorporate Natural Elements in Your Décor

Indoor plants come in various shapes, colors, and sizes and breathe life into a dull room, helping us feel more relaxed and improving our home’s indoor air quality. Fresh cut flowers, branches, river rocks, pine cones and any other organic elements you can find are also a great resource. Arrange flowers and branches in tall glass vases; group rocks and pine cones on platters, trays or in large glass bowls, and place strategically throughout your home.

Fruit is also a natural accessory that adds a visual and textural element. Place a collection of citrus fruits in a large glass jar, vase or bowl for an instant pop of color. As the seasons change, swap the citrus out for apples, pumpkins, and gourds.

Your style and circumstances may change, so let your home adapt with you. Think creatively and stay inspired by bookmarking online links and tearing inspiring pages out of magazines. Display only the things you love and hide what you don't. And above all, make new memories. Schedule family cooking nights, throw a dinner party, invite friends over for a cocktail or a host a small gathering for Sunday brunch. Enjoy your space and be present, and most importantly, enjoy the people in it.

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